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Woodchip mulch is great for your garden bedding as it provides much nutrients to the soil, protects against the weather and helps with moisture retention. It is a secret weed blocker – what more could you want! It also makes a great floor for child friendly areas, playgrounds and spaces that get little sunlight. 
We sell woodchip mulch in builders bags (filled bags weigh roughly 250-350 kilos) and deliver within a 10 mile radius of Ottershaw.  
Please note, delivery is included in price below within 10 mile radius, anything further, then extra charge per mile there after. 


Builders Bag of Woodchip Mulch + Delivery 
Following a purchase of woodchip, please fill in the below form, so that we can ensure your order has been received. 
Bulk bag of quality, affordable woodchip – produced from local recycled timber. A bulk bag can hold roughly 0.75m3 of woodchip. 
Delivery included for 10 miles radius, anything further will be charged at £2 per mile. Delivery will be within 7 days of order.  
Order Confirmation Form - do not fill in if an order has not been placed.  
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