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Autumn Garden
Well it’s safe to say Summer 2020 has been slightly different to the ones we are used to due to the affect of COVID. One thing that's come from being locked at home with a bit more free time is that many have taken to renovating their homes and gardens to improve their lockdown experience and we've loved seeing some of the results. As much as we have missed our Summer gatherings with friends and family and with the thought of a Summer holiday almost completely out the window, we have not been too disheartened, as we’ve had our fair share of sunshine.  
As temperatures soared higher than Spain today, our gardens may have required a little more attention than usual. However, as the evenings gradually start to draw in and the leaves start to fall, we can’t necessarily ‘slow down’ on jobs to do in the garden. Autumn is a great and especially important time not to neglect your outside space and to get in some prep done in readiness for Winter, so here’s our suggestions with things to be getting on with... 
One good thing to come from that Autumn rainfall, is that soil has a good moisture level, which means it is a good time to plant new and also transplant any plants you may wish to. With the ground still being reasonably warm from the previous season, the roots should cope well with these ideal conditions. 
Your lawn may need some TLC before the lower temperatures begin to kick in. Fallen leaves should be cleared from lawns regularly to avoid dry and brown patches which can also encourage the growth of moss. Mid-Autumn also makes for a perfect time to lay a new lawn before the soil becomes too wet or frosty. The newly laid turf can be relatively undisturbed for weeks as little mowing is needed. 
Pruning is necessary to keep plants healthy by the removal of any dead and diseased branches, it also maintains a good shape and size of the plant. This also applies to hedges and Autumn makes for a good time for this, giving the ends time to heal before any of those much unwanted Winter frosts. 
With the windy and wetter weather in the upcoming season, it’s important to check the condition of your fencing. If you think your fence may be due a little MOT or to be replaced completely, it’s probably best to get that work booked in before it’s too late and the weather conditions end up damaging the fence more. As we experienced a hurricane in the local area last year, you can never be too prepared. ‘Better to be safe than sorry’ is definitely our moto! 
Tree inspections are important throughout the year, however almost vital in the Autumn before the weather worsens. It’s always better to carry out any tree maintenance or felling to a tree before any damage is caused to nearby surroundings as this will cause a health and safety risk. Trees should be able to stand strong winds which is why it makes it so important to check for any signs of damage or weakness. We would advise these general checks to be carried out: 
• Ensure branches connecting to the trunk of the tree look healthy and strong 
• The tree is of a healthy structure and not leaning to one side 
• No signs of damage, disease/fungi or rot should be visible, especially signs of root damage 
• Deadwood should be removed prior to the Winter, along with any decaying branches. It can make the job easier when the leaves have dropped as visibility of dead branches is much clearer! 
• Young or recently planted trees can be vulnerable through cold and stormy spells. Staking or covering these can protect them from the world’s natural elements. Wire mesh can also help keeping unwanted wildlife away 
If you need any assistance with trees, hedges, lawns or fences, get in contact today to get booked in for an end of summer quote. 
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